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The Roeselare Cycling Museum (Polenplein) is now being completely refurbished. While the work is in progress, the Fathers' Church will be used as the new temporary setting for the exhibition "Cycling is a Religion".

"We were like gods for the spectators, the only gods they could see up close and with whom they could exchange a few words.”

The famous words of Briek Schotte illustrate the almost religious perception of racing in Flanders. Yesterday and even today. The stir the Tour of Flanders creates among supporters, the press and cyclists is perhaps the most striking example of this. On the 14th Sunday of the year, the main market square in Antwerp will be covered with a human tide of cycling enthusiasts. Young and old alike are there to see the joyous entry and the cycling gods being presented to the public. Once the starting signal has been given, the procession heads off toward the Flemish Ardennes, a cycling Mecca for cyclists for the space of one day. For the heroes themselves, this is the start of a gruelling ordeal, with cobbled roads, mythical hills and falls. It is pure agony for more than a few of them. Only one is destined to reach the Summit and be praised to the skies. They have been preparing for months for this "Ritual gathering on the Flemish cycling calendar". With temperance and moderation as the sacred canon. And training as the dogma.

Cycling is a Religion. In Flanders and elsewhere. This exhibition explains why, on the basis of two routes. In the side aisles of the Fathers' church visitors will discover "The Pilgrimage: a procession of cycling chapels", while in the nave they will have the opportunity to follow "The Way of the Cross: Via Dolorosa of the cyclists". On the way, you will have the chance to observe the unique Cycling Robes, a Peloton of Cycling Gods and the impressive Iron Cross.


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