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    Abdijstraat 22, 1850 Grimbergen

    MIRA is the oldest and biggest Public Observatory in Belgium.

    A lot of experiments, multimedia and especially a well equipped observation platform are waiting for you! We can show you around through the night sky with a lot of big telescopes…

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    Boechoutlaan 10, 1020 Brussels

    The Universe in the heart of the City!
    Come and discover the marvels of a starry sky projected on a 23m diametre, 360° screen. At the Planetarium you can be as close as possible to the launching of a rocket, see Earth from Space, visit the International Space Station, fly over the surface of Mars, approach the rings of Saturn ! And why stop there? Do you dare pass the limits of the Milky Way ? Will you let yourself be taken on an exploration of the extreme boundaries of the Universe? Audio system EN, F, NL.

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    Gouverneur Verwilghensingel 70, 3500 Hasselt

    Laughs and giggles for our youngest guests in Plopsa Indoor Hasselt! 

    Experience your very first sensations in more than 20 attractions, surprisingly hidden in this covered indoor theme park of no less than 13.000m².

    Enjoy a world of fun indoors …
    Brace yourself for a stormy boat trip on the Turbulent Sea, visit the exciting Play Tree and float around in the Wave Swinger. Our youngest guests enjoy some splendid adventures in Bumba’s Playground and jump in all directions with the Frogs.

    … and discover the vast outdoor zone!
    Now you can have even more Plopsa fun in the outdoor zone of Plopsa Indoor Hasselt. Chase the villains on the Flying Bikes, clamber to the top of the Climbing Mountain and indulge yourself to the full in the Dancing Fountains.

    Plopsa Indoor Hasselt gives you a day of laughs and giggles whatever the weather!

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    De Pannelaan 68, 8660 De Panne

    Kicks for cool kids and tickles for the little ones in Plopsaland De Panne!

    Plopsaland De Panne, Belgium’s top theme park, offers over 50 attractions for the entire family. In Wickieland you discover several attractions themed Vic The Viking. The giant indoor zone Mayaland, contains 10 attractions themed Maya The Bee. In the Mega Mindy zone, you rage after the rascals on the Jet Skis or the Flying Bikes, and Pirate Pete is waiting at the SuperSplash for an impressive plunge into the bay.
    Then, of course, there is still Anubis The Ride. Take a deep breath and in just 2 seconds, you reach a speed of 90km/h, you fly to terrifying heights, and race through 3 loops. What an experience!

    Plopsaland De Panne makes a great day out for children... of all ages!

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    Vismijnstraat 7, 8380 Zeebrugge

    Towering cranes, colourful containers and slow cargo ships, the Port of Zeebrugge is impressive, even for kids. The huge buildings of the former fish market close to the port have been redesigned as a maritime theme park. At Seafront you learn about life on, by and even under the sea. The rugged life of a fisherman and fishing history can also be discovered at Seafront. You will find out about Zeebrugge's history and its illustrious port. But Seafront offers much more: you can climb the mast of a pirate ship, dive into the ball house or stand at the helm of a genuine lightship, which is like an offshore lighthouse.

    If you think the lightship is impressive, wait till you see the hundred metre long “Foxtrot” submarine. This submarine type was used by the Russian Navy during the Cold War and was packed with torpedoes and jamming stations. On board you can see how the crew lived in this steel colossus.

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    Molenheidestraat 31, 3530 Houthalen-Helchteren

    Our indoor playground Kids Valley with its 5.500 m².

    A gigantic indoor and outdoor play world complete with colourful toys. The climbing towers, fast slides, shooting gallery, funhouse, haunted house, indoor race track, pirates’ shanty, … not only make it the best playground in Belgium, but also the largest.

    Great for a fun day trip for children up to 12 years old. And if you want to spend the entire day at Saraland, you can also visit the bathing paradise Aquapolis and the indoor adventure golf the Mine.

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    Varsenareweg 29, 8490 Jabbeke

    At Klein Strand, you get the impression that you have reached an exotic destination. You can enjoy the sun on a white sandy beach, take a dip in the 4 hectare swimming lake or try the water glides. There is also a professional water skiing school and many sport fields and playgrounds.

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    Mini-Europe, Bruparck 1, 1020 Brussels


    DISCOVER EUROPE'S NICEST PLACES ...  Europe in a few hours...   A unique experience ! 

    Mini-Europe is above all an "invitation to travel". The chimes of Big Ben, the gondolas in front of the Doge's Palace, the Grand-Place in Brussels, the Acropolis ... an animated tour with visual and sound effects of 350 miniature models and attractions that you won't find anywhere else.

    All kinds of working models.

    Be surprised by the eruption of Vesuvius or the fall of the Berlin wall. Cheer on the matador at the Corrida in Seville, watch the launch of Ariane V, follow the Thalys from Paris to the other end of France and marvel at many other working models, for both young and old.

    The best miniature park in Europe.

    All the monuments have been recreated down to the smallest detail. Big Ben is 4 m high. With its height of 13 m, the Eiffel tower projects above a 3-storey building ! And yet all the buildings are on a scale of 1 to 25. The town hall of Brussels is decorated with 294 hand-carved statues.

    All against a backdrop of miniature gardens with an area of 6 acres.

    Visit also the exhibition the Spirit of Europe, full of interactive multimedia games.

    Fascinating and enjoyable : as you play you will make one discovery after another; the European Union, its members, its history, its achievements ... among the numerous games don't miss the virtual game ! Make it a family outing.


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    Torleylaan 100, 1654 Huizingen (Beersel)

    The Huizingen Provincial Domain is a former chateau and grounds with rowing pond, playgrounds, outdoor swimming pool, large forest, petzoo and sports pitches. This domain is just a few kilometres south of Brussels, close to the provincial youth hostel Hanenbos..

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    Olensteenweg 45, 2460 Lichtaart

    Bobbejaanland, 50 years of excitement for young and old!

    Bobbejaanland is synonymous with fun, excitement and thrills! All year long you can visit our more than 40 rides, various shows and events. So a ticket is worth a great deal more than the sum of our loops and slides.

    Set out on a voyage of discovery along the banks of the Indiana River. Or walk in the shoes of a true Western hero in El Paso, where the gunslinger is not the cowboy but you. Looking for a little more adrenaline? How about taking a ride on the Sledge Hammer as it whips you through the air?

    Looking for the rush of a roller coaster? Bobbejaanland boasts seven of them as well as a ton of thrill rides to put a spin on your day that will literally turn you upside down. Less of a daredevil, more of a water fan? Slosh away on El Rio and the Banana Battle.

    If fun is the objective, Bobbejaanland is the destination!