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    Zeedijk 147, 8370 Blankenberge
    Conveniently located on the sea dyke of Blankenberge, the Serpentarium is an all-weather reptile zoo. Come and embark on an impressive adventure through a wilderness full of spiders, lizards, and frogs. Stare dangerous and poisonous snakes in the eye, and meet the most interesting and rare creatures in an exotic environment. The large rock wall, the many tropical plants, the beautiful waterfalls, and the pleasant temperatures resemble a tropical holiday destination where the animals feel at home. From the jungle to the desert, your trip is only a small step here. Join us!www.serpentarium.be


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    Bukenberg 45, 2491 Olmen (Balen)

    Perfect for an adventurous animal filled day out !

    Thanks to its wild natural character both humans and animals feel at home here. The Tropics Hall, The Savannah (about 2ha) and the walk-in aviary are 'musts' for nature lovers! As well as the white tiger and the white lion you will see lots of other animals : all kinds of cats, apes, white wolves, reptiles, spiders, zebras, exotic birds, ...
    The childrens farm, the playground, the bouncy castles, plus the summer show make your visit a true play paradise!

    Extras: Museum - self-service restaurant - Events: Halloween, Dreamnight at the zoo ...

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    Koningin Astridplein 20-26, 2018 Antwerp
    Antwerp ZOO brings you closer to the animals!In the summer of 2017, brand new areas of Antwerp ZOO will open. The great apes will enjoy their new outdoors enclosures, where gorillas and chimpanzees can play and romp about in the rainforest, and the famous okapis will get their new conservatory. We offer a warm welcome in the new Flamingo square with its historic architecture. The spectacular panoramic view from the new restaurant shows you the new savanna with buffaloes and 250 birds, and the new lookout across the giraffes and zebras will complete your savanna experience from June 2017. But don’t forget to include a visit to the koalas, the reef aquarium, the butterfly garden, and the Skywalk, which includes a view of the red pandas in your visit. 80% of the animals in Antwerp ZOO are also visible in bad weather.Antwerp ZOO brings you closer to the animals.www.ZOOantwerpen.be/enCheck our day programme, and the excitement of our feeding times, at www.zooantwerpen.be.
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    Kasteelweg 22, 8640 Oostvleteren

    Many an adventure awaits you in the “Zonnegloed” (which means “the sun’s always shining”), an animal park and children’s farm in Westhoek in Oostvleteren, with shaggy bisons, playful meerkats, and pretty farm animals. There are also many other animals such as ponies, donkeys, emus, a variety of rodents, birds of prey, camels, racoons and many other exciting and interesting animals.

    You will come across some 450 animals and over 100 species living in a natural setting in this cosy, pretty and instructional animal park.

    The “Zonnegloed” is open daily from 10.00 - 18.00. Children’s parties can also be organised.

    Visitors are in for an exciting adventure, and the keepers have interesting animal stories to tell.

    Take a breather from all the stress.
    The predatory bird show will simply amaze you.
    You can also go along on a tractor tour through the fields.
    Or take the children to the various playgrounds.

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    Leuvensesteenweg 582, 2812 Mechelen
    Planckendael brings you closer to the animals!Come to Planckendael and explore the continents in one day. Europe features its typical bill-clattering storks, and baby elephant Qiyo, little sister to Kai-Mook, will conquer your heart with her whole family in Asia. Here, you can even feed the colourful lori-parrots yourself! Or pay a visit to little rhino Qabid. See how the giraffes, antelopes, and ratites live together in the African savanna. The lemurs welcome you to their veranda, close to the black and ring-tailed lemurs. Enchanting! Walk along the promenade next to the penguins in America, and enjoy the fragrant eucalyptus in Australia where the koalas live. This world offers you more than a single day packed with pleasure, and is less than 20 minutes from Brussels.Planckendael brings you closer to the animals.www.planckendael.be/enCheck our day programme and the excitement of our feeding times at www.planckendael.be.Visit Planckendael with a B-daytrip to Mechelen Station and hop on our complementary Shuttle service, which drops you right in front of our entrance.
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    Koning Albert I-laan 116, 8370 Blankenberge

    At SEA LIFE Blankenberge you embark on a thrilling journey of discovery through the mysterious underwater world. More than 50 aquariums reveal the amazing underwater life from the Amazon River to the North Sea and many more rivers, seas and oceans. From spectacular sharks in the shark tunnel, notorious piranhas, the national breeding programme for seahorses to a beautiful disabled sea turtle - you'll find it all at SEA LIFE!

    Perhaps the most famous part of SEA LIFE Blankenberge is the seal sanctuary where stranded seal pups are brought and cared for. Over the past fifteen years the Rescue Team has collected over 375 seal pups and cared for them before releasing them back into the sea, thanks to the support of SEA LIFE's sympathisers and visitors.

    In the large 2,750 m2 outdoor area you can also observe the crazy Humboldt penguins, playful otters and impressive sea lions.

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    Avenue Emile Bossaert 27, 1081 Brussels

    100 metres from the Basilica, visit forty-eight aquariums with over two hundred and fifty (250) small species of fish, amphibians and invertebrates. The Aquatic Study Centre of the BRUSSELS PUBLIC AQUARIUM leads you on a fantastic trip through warm seas and continents.

    The Aquarium of the capital city gives you insight to a broad spectrum of environmental problems and all this in a building covering only 1200 square metres:

    Deforestation and the disappearance of certain fauna en flora,
    Destruction of biotopes (by the over-use of fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides...),
    Pollution by hydrocarbons and oil-slicks, spoiling the habitat and creatures via oils and pollution of the oceans,
    Over-exploitation of raw materials (reduction of biodiversity),
    Fragility of the food chains ...

    The Brussels Aquarium, the Aquatic Study Centre, is a permanent exhibition with attention given to:

    Responsible behavior and actions.

    Accessible for persons with reduced mobility.

    More information: http://www.aquariologie.be/Index/Index_En/HTLM_En/Requests.html