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    Gruitrode - Opglabbeek - Opoeteren (see 5 gateways on the website)

    Do you like dunes, action and breathtaking nature? Do you enjoy hiking, cycling, horseback riding or mountain biking? Or climbing up a sandy slope to the top of the Oudsberg, the highest continental dune in Flanders?

    Then visit Duinengordel (or 'dune belt') in northeast Limburg (BE). The marked trails are connected with those of the National Park 'Hoge Kempen'. Enjoy adventure and exhilarating trails in the Duinengordel: an ideal setting for a picnic, a geocaching tour or a free stay and an exceptional nature experience on the first wild camping site in Limburg. Enjoy the diverse natural beauty and fascinating landscapes that aim for recognition as world heritage.

    The website is THE guide for information about the various starting points, bicycle stops, restaurants, B&B's, hotels and local delicacies.

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    Museumkwartier (Vrijthof) 2, 3700 Tongeren

    Wealth and prestige
    Tongeren is fascinating with its religious and precious past. The Basilica of Our Lady houses one of the largest and richest church treasures in the Low Countries. Various reliquaries, silver and gold objects, Medieval graduals and the rare relic pouches are exceptional items.

    You can rediscover this ecclesiastical treasure in the Teseum. The precious objects are the highlight of the exhibition. You will be able to find out so much about their function, meaning and use.

    A museum tour with multimediaguide is available for young and old, to discover and view these treasures at their own pace.

    Romanesque cloister - an oasis of tranquillity
    One of the most remarkable sights in Tongeren is the Romanesque cloister, part of which dates from the 12th century. It is the last remnant of the former monastery, an estate around the present-day basilica. The cloister and garden are ideal places to reflect after your visit to the treasury

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    Marktplein 5, 3550 Heusden-Zolder

    How did miners manage tot get 800m (!) below the surface, and how did they manage to breathe so far underground? Would you like to find out about how air was used tot drive machinery? Have you always wanted to know how it would feel tot step into an infinite shaft, or get disorientated in the dark? ZLDR LUCHTFABRIEK will lead you through the spectacular winding engine building!

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    Thewitstraat 8, 3891 Borlo

    Astonishingly rich and varied in its collection this exceptional museum is situated in BORLO, a pretty little village in the fertile Belgian HASPENGOUW region where in 1944, the US soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division took a brief rest from the war before going back, in winter 1944-’45 to the hell of the Ardennes Offensive, the well known “Battle of the Bulge”.

    Driving distance from the Museum to the areas of fighting in of the Ardennes ± 60 kilometer or 40 miles.

    Hundreds of items in the collection, seventy mannequins authentically outfitted and several major artifacts show the visitor the way of life soldiers had at that particular moment in the war’s history.

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    Grote Markt z/n, 3800 Sint-Truiden

    From July 2016 until January 2017 Sint-Truiden will be illuminating twenty monuments every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Follow this magical illuminated route from sundown by means of the free walkway. Would you rather walk with a guide? The Sweet Lights summer edition departs from city hall, with a refreshment. Then you can climb the abbey tower for a unique view, and the guide will take you along the light beacons. A fascinating storyteller takes you on a journey during the Sweet Lights classic tour. Sample delicious sweets and watch the fiery spectacle.

    Start: Great Market Square z/n, 3800 Sint-Truiden
    When: 1 July until 1 January 2017: every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening, from sundown
    Walking route pricing: free, available at the Sint-Truiden tourism office, city hall

    Sweet Lights summer edition: from 1 July until 18 September, every Friday and Saturday. Starts around 8:30 pm. Price: € 5 p.p. (2 hours with guide including refreshments);

    Sweet Lights classic: from 23 September until 1 January 2017, every Friday and Saturday. Starts around 7:30 pm. Price: € 10 pp (3 hours with guide, including spectacle, visit, and sweets).

    Download your free walking route here -  www.toerisme-sint-truiden.be/bylights

    For more information: Tourism office Sint-Truiden, Great Market Square Sint-Truiden

    +32 (0) 11 70 18, info.toerisme@sint-truiden.be, www.toerisme-sint-truiden.be


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    Pley 13, 3798 's-Gravenvoeren

    The perfect place to start your journey of discovery through the Voer-region!

    Would you like to discover the region in a playful and interactive way? That’s possible: in the visitor’s centre you can visit the nature-led educational exhibition:

    The sliding windows, three-dimensional viewers, tunnels, doors, puzzles, sounds, lights and pictures of the nature-led educational exhibition reveal some of the secrets of that wonderful Voer-region. Did you know for instance that badgers and escargots or Roman snails are true inhabitants of Voeren? That the mistletoe is hanging in the poplars as a real Christmas decoration? Through sliding panels you learn more about geology, the subsoil and the landscape. Interesting facts regarding fauna and flora are discovered in a playful way. By way of puzzles, buttons, tunnels, sounds and lights you get acquainted with a number of “special hosts” such as the badger, the escargot, the trout, the nurse-frog, the fire salamander, etc. “Southern and chalk loving plants” such as the mistletoe, wild marjoram, orchids, honeysuckle, red elderberry also love the region of Voeren …. But not only nature is a main attraction point as the region also has a number of other worthwhile sights of interest such as the villages with their monumental and historic buildings and timbered houses: certainly worth a visit. Beautiful pictures and pieces of craftsmanship will certainly rouse your interest.

    The cartographic-educational exhibition is also worth a visit. However, the region of Voeren does not only have a unique landscape, it also has a complex history. The far-ancestors of the inhabitants of Voeren used to make arrow points out of flint- maybe even a surprise for Fred Flintstone- and the Romans used to know this region, which is situated near Tongeren en Aken, quite well. The cartographic/historical exhibition clearly shows the other occupiers, rulers and governors of the region up to the present.

    Discover the history of the region of Voeren with an audioguide. You can borrow one for free at the information desk.

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    Maastrichtersteenweg 212, 3770 Riemst

    Experience centre De Brug van Vroenhoven

    One bridge, 2 exciting stories

    The bridge over the Albert canal in Vroenhoven is a special place. Two stories are joined together: • the beginning of the second World War, precisely there; • the world of canals and the inland navigation. The brand new experience centre on WO II and the inland navigation tells those two stories in an exciting way.

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    Pley 13, 3798 's-Gravenvoeren

    The Voer-region is formed by six small villages (from West to East: Moelingen, ‘s-Gravenvoeren, Sint-Martens-Voeren, Sint-Pieters-Voeren, Teuven and Remersdaal). The total area is 50 square kilometres; it has just over 4100 inhabitants.

    With its breathtaking landscape, nature reserves, churches, castles and old farms, timber frame houses, the paternoster of chapels and field crucifixes, the viaduct and a wide variety of plants and animals, the region has an irresistible appeal for the visitors. Discover this region trough the 125 km marked walks or the cycling and mountainbike network.

    Located in the heart of the Euregio, the Voer-region is the ideal starting point for many interesting day trips. Historical cultural cities like Maastricht, Tongeren, Liège or Aachen, but also the High Fens (Ardennes) are nearby.

    Pley 13, B-3798 ‘s-Gravenvoeren - Tel: 04 381 07 36 – info@voerstreek.be – www.voerstreek.be

    Reservations for groups: www.voerstreek.be or 04 381 07 36

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    Toegangspoort Kattevennen, Planetariumweg 19, 3600 Genk

    Kattevennen is 1 of the 6 entrances to the hoge Kempen National park. . The perfect balance between education and recreation.

    Visit the  "Cosmodrome" and enjoy a host of breathtaking audiovisual shows about the cosmos.  You can then visit the observatory accompanied by a specialist. And last, but far from least, do not forget to visit the unique planet stroll.

    Visit the Cosmodrome and explore the National Park too.

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    Grote Markt z/n, 3800 Sint-Truiden

    The Trudo pass gives access to some of our exclusive monuments such as the abbey tower, the crypt, the Capuchin chapel, the Festraets studio, and in the weekend also the emperor room and academy room.  Spring will see the addition of the Guvelingen church. The Trudo pass can be purchased at the tourism office of Sint-Truiden (City Hall, Great Market Square) during opening hours.

    The Trudo pass is valid for one day, in case of a package multiple days.