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    Boekhoutedorp 3, 9961 Boekhoute

    There is a fishing vessel tied up in the village of Boekhoute, a memory of a long gone era. In the Visitors Centre of Boekhoute, you will be introduced to the life of the shrimpers and their previous docks. It is a remarkable history of a fishing village without a harbour. Children can organize a hunt, together with Harry Shrimp and Peetje Gîrnaert through the exhibition.

    In the attic you can find the exhibition ‘Courageous Women and the First World War’. This exposition explains the role of the woman during the First World War.

    Five women take you along their path of life. You can look at life through their eyes. Life as a spy, a fisherman’s wife, a nurse and a soup dealer. Each of them tell their own story about the First World War.

    How they survived and what kind of impact the German occupation had on their lives. For children there is a smuggling game, a game in which you become a smuggler yourself during the war.

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    Coupure Rechts 2A, 9000 Gent

     Stand at the helm of a minerva boat or luxury sloop.

    Go boating on the touristic Leie with your friends, colleagues or relatives for just a couple of hours or maybe all day long. You’ll peacefully pass beautiful gardens as well as the painter’s villages St.-Martens-Latem and Deurle. Every day a few cabrio boats, family boats and luxury sloops can explore the historic center of Ghent. Due to heavy boat traffic experience is recom-mended. Therefore everybody has to navigate first on the Leie and only then in the center of Ghent.

    Our boats are designed to be easily operable and comfortable:

    • Standard boats/cabrio boats up to 4 passengers,

    • Luxury sloops up to 5, 6, 10, 12 passengers

    • Very simple to operate

    • No boating license or experience required (min. age 18)

    • No floodgates or swing bridges on the route

    • Pets are not allowed on the boats

    • Qualified staff on site to provide you with all necessary information, advice and directions.


    You can find us at the Minerva port, at the corner of Coupure and Lindenlei.


     reservation required

    Tel. : 0032(0)9/233 79 17


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    Kraanlei 65, 9000 Gent

    In the only remaining almshouse in Ghent you can travel back in time.

    The beautiful decorated museum rooms show you how normal men (and women!) lived their everyday life in the 20th century. A collection of old private videos recorded by the inhabitants of Ghent illustrate their stories and give you a surprising and intimate glimpse into a time and a city that once were.

    Discover this grand timeless (hi)story.

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    Jan Hoetplein 1, 9000 Gent

    Dynamic and highly individual. That’s Ghent and it also describes its museum of contemporary art. The permanent collection of top national and international works is presented in continuous interaction with original, often daring exhibitions. Keeping a finger on the pulse. But sometimes it’s salt on the wound too. You can gradually recover from these many impressions in the museum café.

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    Ferdinand Sribedreef 1, 9000 Gent

    The Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent houses an enviable collection of old masters, including two panels by Hieronymus Bosch, important works by the Flemish Primitives and Netherlandish art from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The collections from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are of international repute. As well as masterpieces by Théodore Géricault and the Barbizon artists, the museum provides an overview of modern art from romanticism to surrealism, including world-famous works.

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    Jan Breydelstraat 5, 9000 Gent

    The museum is the only design museum in Belgium. The complex, located in the historic city centre, consists of a stately 18th century mansion and a modern wing. It possesses an extensive and leading collection of Belgian design objects, supported by international masterpieces. The collection spans the era from the art nouveau of Henry van de Velde up to today’s avant-garde design.

    The museum offers a fresh look at modern and contemporary design from 1890 to today through high-profile exhibitions and changing collection presentations.

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    Minnemeers 10, 9000 Ghent

    Housed in a very fine former industrial building in Ghent, the MIAT museum brings industrial heritage to life by means of exhibitions, workshops, film Sundays, matinées and soirées. Industry, labour and textiles are seamlessly interwoven.

    With so much going on at the MIAT – from museum games to ateliers, from workshops to guided tours – there really is something for everyone, including families and school groups.


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    Bijlokesite - Godshuizenlaan 2, 9000 Ghent

    Ghent has something from every period of history and that also applies to the STAM - Ghent City museum: the 14th-century abbey, the 17th-century monastery and the new 21st-century development together form the Ghent City museum. Unmistakably contemporary against a unique historical background, the museum tells the story of Ghent through inspiring collection pieces and interactive multimedia. Past, present and future are illustrated in a clear and interesting trail, detailing Ghent’s transformation from a medieval metropolis into a city of knowledge and culture.
    A wonderful location - the restored Bijloke Abbey, an enormous aerial photo on an illuminated glass floor, white LEGO towers that invite visitors to build their very own story of Ghent… The Ghent City museum offers a surprising adventure both through its collection and presentation – in an unforgettable journey through time you’ll discover what made Ghent the city it is today.
    Moreover, temporary exhibitions delve deeper into what makes a city a city.
    The Ghent City museum is the ideal place to start your cultural discovery of Ghent.

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    Donkstraat 50, 9700 Oudenaarde

    Oudenaarde is the second cultural-historical city in East Flanders.

    When you say Oudenaarde, you say Flemish Ardennes, quiet, calm, bicycle racing, nature … The Donkvijvers are located near the Oudenaarde city centre.
    This magnificent environment with 30 ha of water and many hectares of recreational domain is our home base. This is where you will find the 7 Summits. This adventure park consists of 7 activities, accessible to all. Anyone who isn’t keen on activities that explore the vertical side of things, such as our dizzying Blue Diamond, can keep both feet planted on the ground in our Barefoot Path and enjoy a natural massage. 
    Other activities are the adventurous Swamp Trail, a soothing kayak tour, or a fun hunt in our dark Speleobox. Coming soon: brave the Death Jump, if you dare. Are you jumping for joy yet?
    Want to know more about the activities, or do you want to find out all of the other things you can do at The Outsider Flemish Ardennes? Be sure to have a look at our website. (www.theoutsidervlaamseardennen.be) We hope to see you soon!

    The adjacent tavern Den Dronk and Moerashuis are accessible for persons with limited mobility. A number of activities have also been modified for persons with disabilities. In order to ensure trouble-free enjoyment of the activities, we ask clients with disabilities to contact us in advance. Our website provides an explanation for the various activities at the bottom, stating their level of accessibility for people with disabilities.