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Bobbejaanland, 50 years of excitement for young and old!

Bobbejaanland is synonymous with fun, excitement and thrills! All year long you can visit our more than 40 rides, various shows and events. So a ticket is worth a great deal more than the sum of our loops and slides.

Set out on a voyage of discovery along the banks of the Indiana River. Or walk in the shoes of a true Western hero in El Paso, where the gunslinger is not the cowboy but you. Looking for a little more adrenaline? How about taking a ride on the Sledge Hammer as it whips you through the air?

Looking for the rush of a roller coaster? Bobbejaanland boasts seven of them as well as a ton of thrill rides to put a spin on your day that will literally turn you upside down. Less of a daredevil, more of a water fan? Slosh away on El Rio and the Banana Battle.

If fun is the objective, Bobbejaanland is the destination!




Associations, schools, people with a disability and people over 60 all enjoy special rates and are to announce their visit in advance.



Rates for individual visitors can be found in the ‘prices’ section (see above)
Individuals and families
Senior citizens
From the age of 65 years
Free group supervisors
1 per 15 participants
Free classroom supervisors
1 per 15 pupils / students

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