C-mine expedition

C-Mine 10, 3600 Genk • www.c-mine-expeditie.be
Tel: +32 (0)89 65 44 90 • visit@genk.be

C-mine expedition, a unique experience tour in underground mining galleries

Go off on an adventure with the C-mine expedition! Begin your descent underground and embark on an adventure of one and a half kilometres: feel, hear, see, listen and… experience. You will go on a unique walk through old tunnels past new and challenging facilities. Make your own mine sound and find your way through the maze. The literal high point of your trip will be when you climb the highest pit head in Belgium. From a height of over 60 metres you will have a fantastic view of Limburg's green surroundings.
Life in the mines fires the imagination. Now you can experience it for real! Step into a time capsule at the end of your trip,  put a helmet on your head and relive the heyday of mining in the 1950s through fascinating real-life stories. After your unforgettable virtual experience, the time capsule will return you safely to 2017!



Adults: € 8,00 • Children (<6): free • Children (6-18): € 5,00 • students (with student ID card): € 5,00 • 60+ and the disabled: € 6,00 • family rate (2 adults and 2 children): € 22,00


Guided tours are always possible on reservation, except on Mondays. Book at least 3 weeks in advance. • Admission: € 6,00 per person (min. 10 people), schools and youth groups: € 5,00 per person. • Guide: € 60 (max. 15 people per group). Guide in another language: € 65 (German, English and French).



Rates for individual visitors can be found in the ‘prices’ section (see above)
Individuals and families
From ages 6 to 18 years
Senior citizens
From the age of 60 years

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