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The be-MINE grounds in Beringen allow you to experience the history behind the coal mines of Limburg at the interactive mining museum. Experience the work underground and life around the mine. Relive the turbulent mine closure period, and get to know all there is to know on the mining region today!

The museum is a must-see for families and individual visitors. In addition to your museum visit you can pay a guided visit to the underground simulation! The simulation is available at fixed hours (10:30 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm) and only costs 3 Euros. Taking your kids to the Mining museum? Ask about ‘My Story’, an exciting family programme.

Roberto Pasquali’s story

Walk around the mining museum with your iPod, and live the story through the eyes of a former miner. The iPod tour is an addition to the existing museum offer and tells the story of former miner Roberto Pasquali.

He will take you through the museum’s halls and enrich your visit with interesting facts and personal information. This way you get to enjoy the museum from a different angle. Doubly interesting is the fact that the iPod tour is available in Dutch, French, English, German, Italian, and Turkish.

Mining Sundays

Visit places individual visitors never get to see and discover historic mining buildings during ‘Mining Sundays’! A guide takes you through the buildings and into the underground simulation. You can even take a ride in an authentic mining cart.

When: from March until October, every first and third Sunday of the month, at 11 am and 14 pm. Precise dates available on the website.

Price: € 8 p.p.

Groups: 2 formulas

Special programmes are available for groups (10 persons and more), including the ‘Mining museum’ package: the guide accompanies you on the tour and throughout the presentation. To close things off, enter the underground simulation and take a walk in miner’s shoes.

There is also the ‘Miner’s path’ package, whereby the guide takes you on a walk through the impressive historic mining buildings. Explore the washroom, the lamp room, the briefing room, and the headframe the miners used to descend underground. Lastly, you get to explore the underground simulation. Make sure you don’t miss it!


Individual visitors: adults: € 6 • senior citizens (60+): € 5 • children (from 6 to 18 years old): € 4 •  - 6 years old: free of charge •  underground simulation*: € 3 - * In addition to the mining museum, individual visitors can also visit the underground simulation at 10:30 am, 1 pm and 3 pm for an additional € 3.


Groups (at least 10 persons): adults: € 6 • senior citizens (60+): € 5 • children (from 6 to 18 years old): € 4 • - 6 years old: free of charge • guide fee**: € 15 / guide (maximum 20 persons per guide) ** Groups can choose from 2 formulas: 'Mining museum or 'Miner’s path'. This also includes a visit to the underground simulation. Groups pay 15 Euros for the guide. A maximum of 20 people per guide. •  Schools • We offer various educational packages for schools, divided into an offer for pre-schoolers, children from primary education and pupils from secondary education. •  Price per pupil: € 4 • More information on the packages:

Worth visiting

Groups can choose from the following programmes:

- Mine Museum: after the welcoming film the guide shows you around the new museum. To finish, you dive into the underground simulation together during which you briefly feel like a miner.

- Miners path: after the welcoming film the guide takes you on a walk through the impressive historical mine buildings. You explore the bathroom, the lamp room, the crew room and the pit shaft the miners used to go underground. Finally, you explore the underground simulation.

- Combination package C-Mine: visit the Mine Museum Beringen in the morning and C-mine in Genk in the afternoon. Breakfast and lunch can also be booked for an overall experience. Rates available on request. For a visit to the Mine Museum adults pay €6, 60+ pay €5, 6-18 year olds €4, -6 get in free. We adopt other rates for the combination package with C-Mine. Booking is compulsory via 011 42 15 52 or A group must consist of at least 10 people.


We developed a special iPod tour for individual visitors who speak a different language. This enables you to get a sense of the life of ex-miner Roberto Pasquali who tells his life story. He takes you through the nine rooms of the museum and completes your visit with interesting facts about the origin of coal, migration flows, working in and around the mine, the social life and so on, but also about the mine closure and new use. This way you can enjoy the museum in a different way and in your own language. The iPod tour is available in Dutch, French, English, German, Italian and Turkish.

This iPod tour is included in the price of your museum ticket. The iPod can be collected from the front desk of Tourism Beringen (subject to availability), we do ask for a deposit. 

Rates. Adults: €6, 60+: €5, – 18: €4, – 6: free




Rates for individual visitors can be found in the ‘prices’ section (see above)

Groups pay a price per person as well as a guide fee of € 15 per 20 persons. There are 2 programmes: ‘Mining museum’ and ‘Miner’s path’.

From ages 6 to 18 years

Guided tours for kindergarten, primary or secondary school.

Free classroom supervisors
1 per 10 pupils / students

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