Gateway Lieteberg

Stalkerweg , 3690 Zutendaal •
Tel: 089/25.50.60 •

Take your shoes off and discover a fascinating micro-cosmos

Lieteberg in Zutendaal is the gateway to the Hoge Kempen National Park. It makes the ideal spot to come and relax, especially if you like bugs and creepy-crawlies. The creepy-crawlies you’ll find at the insect museum and you can stroll amid the colourful butterflies in the butterfly hothouse. And from De Lieteberg, you can take an outing through the beautiful countryside that makes Zutendaal the most wooded municipality in Flanders.

Set your feet free as you make your way along the first barefoot walking track in Flanders. Experience the extraordinary tactile sensation of wood, stones, tree mulch, grass, clay and water underfoot on the monitored route that is only accessible to bare feet. Clamber up the lookout towers, walk in the footsteps of early man, get lost in the maze and enjoy the fullness of nature swinging in a couch hammock.


Entomopolis: adults: € 6 • children (<1m20): € 4 • Barefoot path: adults: € 4 • children (<1m20): € 3 • Butterflydome: € 2


As of 20 p.: Entomopolis: € 4 ; Barefoot path: € 3; Guide: € 30 (max. 25 p.)


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