Karting Genk

Damstraat 1, 3600 Genk
Tel: 089 65 81 82 • events@kartinggenk.be

Race at the home of champions

Go full throttle with family, friends or colleagues at Karting Genk: "Home of Champions"; the track where famous drivers especially come to Genk for! Experience an unforgettable day out filled with adrenaline and fun on our outdoor fun track of 550m. Kids can already drive from 1m25 and have the possibility to participate in our kids race school, where they take after F1-hero Max Verstappen...Also when it rains you can kart, using our rain suits.

Need for even more speed?

Are you a real speed merchant who's eager to drive on the famous pro track of 1360m? Then participate in the exciting '100 miles' endurance race or 'Kart After Work' (individual heats). Or rent an even faster competition kart and experience the thrill of racing at 120km/h! More info: check www.kartinggenk.be

Bistro with a unique view

After physical strain comes relaxation... Enjoy a well-earned refreshing drink and a lovely meal in our bistro ‘A La Kart’, on the terrace or on our grandstand with a unique view over the famous track in a green setting.

For who?

Accessible for recreational rental karters, tourists, children, kart owners, professional drivers and companies.

More info

Ask for more information by sending a mail to events@kartinggenk.be or take a look at our website: www.kartinggenk.be



FUN: € 18 p.p. /15' (possible from 1m25) - Grand Prix (2 x 15'): € 36 p.p. - Endurance races: from € 72 per team. Booking in advance is not obligatory, but advisable for groups from 10p or more.
PRO (from age 18 & by booking in advance): € 28 p.p. /15' - Grand Prix & endurance races: from € 60 p.p. EXPERT: € 105 per 30'/ € 192 per 60'. More info: www.kartinggenk.be or ask for an offer by mail: events@kartinggenk.be. Prices are subject to change.


FUN TRACK 550M (groups from 20p): endurance races of 60', 80' or 100' in teams of 2, 3, 4 or 5p. Prices vary from € 72 to € 120 per team. Booking in advance is not obligatory, but advisable.
PRO TRACK 1360M (groups from 25p, 18+): event on the pro track in exclusivity. More info: www.kartinggenk.be or ask for an offer by mail: events@kartinggenk.be COMBINATIONS: combine your karting activity with catering and/or other activities? Ask for an offer by mail: events@kartinggenk.be. Our prices are subject to change.

Worth visiting

PROMOPRICE: kids until 14 years old can drive at a special price of 15 Euros instead of 18 Euros for 15 minutes on Saturday and Sunday morning until noon (on the fun track).
EVENTS FOR ADULTS (pro track, 90km/h): Kart After Work: Challenge friends or colleagues and race off your (work)stress during this event (individual & in sessions of 15' each).
100 Miles Put your very own race team together to battle 40 other teams in this exciting race! No experience needed. Enjoy a tasty BBQ and a prize ceremony for an unforgettable evening. More information/book: www.kartinggenk.be or send an email to events@kartinggenk.be. Our prices are subject to change.



Rates for individual visitors can be found in the ‘prices’ section (see above)

Special offer for school-groups: 2 x 10'


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