Monuments and Museums

MARKT 1, 2440 Geel •
Tel: 014/56.63.80 •

Geel "town of mercy" will enthral you: by its past as well as by its present.

Walk through the town and get to know the monuments and picturesque places. The St.-Dimpna Church, the Hospital Museum St.-Dimpna, the St.-Amands Church and the old Town Hall will show you the history of Geel.

Relax in the park at the heart of the town.

The cosy market square with its statue and many pubs invite you to quench your thirst after a walk through the many shopping streets.

Also outside the centre, the town of Geel has a lot to offer: the bakery museum, the mill " 't Veld", the mill of Larum, the lamp museum, the clock museum, various nature reserves,...

Active recreation: St.-Dimpna route (bicycle route)


City walk : € 50 per guide for groups of max. 20 persons


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