S&R De Meerminnen

Pastoor Steenssensstraat 108a, 9120 Beveren-Waas • www.sr-demeerminnen.be
Tel: 03/750.35.00 • demeerminnen@sr-demeerminnen.be

S&R De Meerminnen is so much more than a swimming pool, it is a subtropical swimming paradise!

Our large and warm shallow pool means great fun for the little ones. Babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers discover colourful water games that suit their imagination and motor skills. The 4 to 8-year-olds enjoy a water playground with swinging animals, a seesaw, water bikes and lots of gliding fun. In the wave pool you can enjoy the warm water, float around on large mats and experience a genuine mini storm. The family friendly and yet spectacular water ride feels like an unforgettable mountain river experience. This water ride suits all ages. Be sure to try the long and winding tunnel slide on your own, paired or just sliding down on your belly. There is no need to worry about your age. Parents and grandparents, allow yourselves to get carried away by the kids. You’ll have bags of fun in the water. Since 2016 we have an outdoor swimming pool, that's open during summer and wintertimes. 

If you need a rest after all the action, you can enjoy a breather in our bathhouse. The  heated lagoon offers a unique experience.

If all the playing, frolicking and relaxing has worked up an appetite, you can order snacks or drinks on the terraces, alongside the pool or the wellness corner.

Children enjoy themselves immensely in the enormous outdoor playground of 2,000 m². Alongside the playground is the bar terrace. This allows you a perfect view of your little imps. While mum and dad savour a snack and a drink, the children can romp about, climb, clamber and glide.

Savour a lovely familyday out full of (watery) fun. ‘De Meerminnen’ is, after all, a resort for all kinds of weather. The Belgian weather cannot spoil your day, thanks to our indoor and outdoor facilities.

School holidays give us a perfect opportunity to spoil your children. There are frequent surprise activities with great prizes to win. For more information on all our events: check our website and Facebook page regularly.



Children (< 4): free access •Children (4-15): € 6.30 - € 7.50 - Adults: € 9.10 - € 10.60 • Prices are indexed annually.


Prices starting from € 4,50 for recreation pool: see www.sr-demeerminnen.be • Groups starting from 15 people. We can accommodate a variety of customer groups with special arrangements for the subtropical swimming paradise, the wellness complex and the tavern with playground. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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