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    Grote Markt 29, 8630 Veurne

    Experience Museum Free Fatherland, living behind the front

    The Great War was, as all wars, cruel and accompanied by much bloodshed.  The new Experience Museum ‘Free Fatherland’, in the historical City and Viscounty Hall of Veurne, focuses not on the battlefield, but on the tiny last bit of free Belgium that was left and called the Belgian Sector.  The Belgian King Albert I succeeded from Veurne to maintain against the German Army.  We expect the story behind the front, but we also see the everyday life in this unoccupied area of Belgium and a true melting pot of all people together, multiculturality ‘avant la lettre’.

    Veurne and surroundings were populated by soldiers from the whole country and all over the world, but also by refugees, doctors and nurses.

    ‘Free Fatherland’ brings this story in a charming stage design with modern media and traditional exhibition techniques.


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    Oude Vismarkt 13, 9300 Aalst

    The Stedelijk Museum Aalst, housed in the old Gasthuys, a historic building in the city centre, tells the story of the city and the region.

    Did you know that Dirk Martens was the very first printer in Belgium (1473), that landscape painter Valerius de Saedeleer was born in Aalst, that the political and social fight of priest Daens started in Aalst, that Louis Paul Boon described his native town in his books in detail? These stories, as well as an evocation of the well-known carnival in Aalst, are all told at ’t Gasthuys –Stedelijk Museum Aalst.

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    Hoogpoort 39, 9000 Gent

    Both open and covered boats leave from the Graslei, the old Ghent port area, for a sightseeing tour through Ghent.

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    KONINKLIJKE PRINSLAAN 2, 8670 Koksijde

    Experience the daily life in a medieval Cistercian abbey. Living, working, praying, playing, loving, etc. You’ll be surprised at how different and yet similar medieval and modern man really are.

    Scale models, dummies and multimedia presentations appeal to the senses and bring the past of the Dunes Abbey back to life. No dull and stuffy affair or some remote ‘that really doesn’t interest me’ business. Rather a unique archaeological site and a contemporary museum that breathes renewed meaning into the tale of the silent stones.

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    Molenheidestraat 5, 3530 Helchteren, Houthalen-Helchteren

    The municipal animal and nature park Molenheide is an enclosed nature area of 100 ha. Rich in conifers and deciduous trees, heath and lakes and with a large selection of animals: deer, wild boar, pheasants, peacocks, fowl, water birds, squirrels and rabbits.

    From the look-out tower you can watch the animals and everywhere you can feed them. Picnic areas have been specially provided. You can relax in the "Boskantine".

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    Koningin Astridplein 26, 2018 Antwerpen
    Antwerp ZOO brings you closer to the animals!In the summer of 2017, brand new areas of Antwerp ZOO will open. The great apes will enjoy their new outdoors enclosures, where gorillas and chimpanzees can play and romp about in the rainforest, and the famous okapis will get their new conservatory. We offer a warm welcome in the new Flamingo square with its historic architecture. The spectacular panoramic view from the new restaurant shows you the new savanna with buffaloes and 250 birds, and the new lookout across the giraffes and zebras will complete your savanna experience from June 2017. But don’t forget to include a visit to the koalas, the reef aquarium, the butterfly garden, and the Skywalk, which includes a view of the red pandas in your visit. 80% of the animals in Antwerp ZOO are also visible in bad weather.Antwerp ZOO brings you closer to the animals.www.ZOOantwerpen.be/enCheck our day programme, and the excitement of our feeding times, at www.zooantwerpen.be.
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    Heuvel 8, 2920 Kalmthout

    Kalmthout Arboretum is a wonderful and stunning place with a history that goes back more than 150 years. A walk through this arboretum that stretches out over 12 hectares is a real journey of discovery in the plant world. You can’t fail to be delighted by the multitude of bright flowerbeds in the colour gardens, the heady scents of the rose garden and the host of butterflies and insects in the butterfly garden. The blossoms of the magnolias and cherry trees herald the joys of springtime, while the maple trees are at their best in the autumn. More than 7,000 different plant species from all four corners of the world guarantee you one of the most beautiful settings in which to enjoy some exceptional nature walks!

    After the visit you can relax in the cafeteria with garden terrace and its regional beers. Interesting bookshop with a wide variety of books and gifts and plant centre with specific garden plants. Expansion of the garden ready to open spring 2016.

    Plant fair on Sunday 17 April and 2 October • Tomato festival 3 and 4 September •  Celebration of the moon 16 september. All activities on the website: http://www.arboretumkalmthout.be/en.html

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    Jubelpark 10, 1000 Brussel

    Enlarge your view of man and Civilisation !

    The Art & History Museum invites you on an unusual world tour. Embark on a fascinating journey through art and history, from ancient times to decorative European arts, passing through national archaeology and non-European civilisations. Apart from its permament collections come and see the Museums temporary exhibitions too.

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    Jubelpark 11, 1000 Brussel

    Autoworld is centrally situated in the exclusive halls of the Parc du Cinquantenaire in the heart of Brussels. More than 250 vehicles of various origin recount the history of the automobile and illustrate the spectacular development of vehicles over more than a century.

    From horse drawn carriages to exclusive sport cars from the 1960’s , from motorcycles with a enduring past to the reconstruction of a garage out of the twenties. Autoworld gathers one of the most representative collection offering an overview of the general history of the automobile.

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    Albert I laan 2, 8630 Veurne

    The 17th century “Zuidgasthuishoeve”, which houses the extensive collection of the Bakery Museum, makes you taste a marvellous nostalgia. The long way from grain to bread is represented in the restored barn. The rich collection connected to chocolate, ice-cream, waffles, gingerbread and confectionary is lodged in the dwelling-house.

    In the pleasant cafeteria you can taste some specialities from Veurne. During the school holidays you can enjoy the baking demonstrations on Tuesdays.