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    Heuvel 8, 2920 Kalmthout

    Kalmthout Arboretum is a wonderful and stunning place with a history that goes back more than 150 years. A walk through this arboretum that stretches out over 12 hectares is a real journey of discovery in the plant world. You can’t fail to be delighted by the multitude of bright flowerbeds in the colour gardens, the heady scents of the rose garden and the host of butterflies and insects in the butterfly garden. The blossoms of the magnolias and cherry trees herald the joys of springtime, while the maple trees are at their best in the autumn. More than 7,000 different plant species from all four corners of the world guarantee you one of the most beautiful settings in which to enjoy some exceptional nature walks!

    After the visit you can relax in the cafeteria with garden terrace and its regional beers. Interesting bookshop with a wide variety of books and gifts and plant centre with specific garden plants. Expansion of the garden ready to open spring 2016.

    Plant fair on Sunday 17 April and 2 October • Tomato festival 3 and 4 September •  Celebration of the moon 16 september. All activities on the website: http://www.arboretumkalmthout.be/en.html

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    Nieuwelaan 38, 1860 Meise

    Enjoy the botanic Garden Meise to the rhythm of the seasons!

    18,000 different kinds of plants are growing and blossoming on a green, historical, 92 hectares large site. Come and enjoy the tropical splendour in the greenhouses of the botanic palace. Make a walk and relax in the gardens and arboreta.

    Throughout the year we offer you mapped out walks, so you can discover the botanic Garden at your own pace: Discover the winter bloomers when it is cold, the Magnolias when spring comes along, the autumn colours in the fall... Don't miss it when the garden is waking up during a walk through the dawn and the giant water lilies are opening during the Nocturne. Immerse yourself in the history of the botanic garden during the castle weekend or come and have a picnic on the longest day of the year. Regularly check our website for activities, events and workshops.

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    Boonmarkt 12, 2220 Heist-op-den-Berg

    100 ha woods with 3 signposted footpaths. The "Averpad" is paved and wheelchair-friendly. Leashed dogs are allowed on the red footpath.

    Farm animals, a botanic garden with indigenous wild plants, playing woods, a beehive hall, a log cabin for nature education activities, playground and playing fields. The "Het Boshuis" Tavern is located next to a fantastic playground.

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    Stalkerweg , 3690 Zutendaal

    Take your shoes off and discover a fascinating micro-cosmos

    Lieteberg in Zutendaal is the gateway to the Hoge Kempen National Park. It makes the ideal spot to come and relax, especially if you like bugs and creepy-crawlies. The creepy-crawlies you’ll find at the insect museum and you can stroll amid the colourful butterflies in the butterfly hothouse. And from De Lieteberg, you can take an outing through the beautiful countryside that makes Zutendaal the most wooded municipality in Flanders.

    Set your feet free as you make your way along the first barefoot walking track in Flanders. Experience the extraordinary tactile sensation of wood, stones, tree mulch, grass, clay and water underfoot on the monitored route that is only accessible to bare feet. Clamber up the lookout towers, walk in the footsteps of early man, get lost in the maze and enjoy the fullness of nature swinging in a couch hammock.

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    JOSEPH SMEETSLAAN 280, 3630 Maasmechelen

    Mechelse Heide is one of the six entrances to the Hoge Kempen National Park. Discover the extensive nature and enjoy the fabulous faraway views, gently undulating purple heath and the impressive former gravel quarries. The Mechelse Heide dons different colours every season. Enjoy long hours of hiking fun, alone or with a ranger.

    Maasmechelen Tourism

    In addition to the extensive information on the region, Maasmechelen Tourism boasts an interactive space. An audio guide (free of charge) will provide interesting information on the development of coal mines, Meuse villages and the High Campine National Park.
    Young and old can explore the Maas region in a playful manner. (Maasmechelen Tourism, 35 Zetellaan, 3630 Maasmechelen).

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    WINTERSLAGSTRAAT 87, 3600 Genk

    The one and only National Park in Flanders spreads out over Limburg districts of Dilsen-Stokkem, Zutendaal, Maasmechelen, Lanaken, Genk and As. With 5700 hectares of pure nature, the National Park guarantees days of discovery and enjoyment. You will find purple heather all around you as well as woodlands, hilltops with beautiful panoramic views, rare plants and animals. The Agency for Nature and Woodlands is responsible for the management of this natural treasure.

    Everyone is welcome to enjoy endless relaxation here: walking, cycling, horse riding... or just enjoying a moment of carefree pleasure in all the things that surround you. The best way to discover the Hoge Kempen National Park is via one of the six entrances: Lieteberg in Zutendaal, Kattevennen in Genk, Pietersheim in Lanaken, Station As in As and Mechelse Heide and Connecterra in Maasmechelen. You will find a visitors’ centre at each of these entrances along with car park, hotel and catering establishments and additional attractions. Each entrance is designed around a different theme and offers a different view of the National Park. That way, you see one National Park from six different points of view.

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    Zetellaan 54, 3630 Maasmechelen

    Welcome to the location in Eisden that was actively used for coal mining until is closure in 1987. Nowadays you can enjoy a surprising change of the landscape, made of ‘mountains and lakes’ and heights with spectacular panoramic views. Let Connecterra surprise you with a special part of nature in Flanders.

    Put on your walking shoes and experience for yourself this unique piece of Flanders landscape. The heaps of charcoal, shale and gravel excavations have left behind a transformed landscape of ‘hills and lakes’ that really does offer the prettiest panorama in Flanders. For those more interested in culture, you can discover the 100 year old 'garden city' of Eisden by exploring the thematic heritage walk.

    Would you like to make your visit really special? Then why not go for a wander with a Ranger or download the Connecterra-app! You can choose from one of a number of scheduled events taking place or you can book a Ranger to take you and your family and friends on a tour.

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    Kastelsedijk 5, 2470 Retie

    A 215 ha green haven of peace with 6 walks that have been mapped out along ponds, viewing huts, benches and picnic tables.

    Brochures and information help in the preparations of a walk through the domain. Joggers, bikers and wheelchair users are welcome! Dogs that are kept on a leash are admitted.

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    GENTSESTEENWEG 80, 9900 Eeklo

    Take a bag with what you need and follow the discovery trail through more than 275 hectares of woodland. Wander through the history of the estate while you listen to the stories the trees in the woods have to tell. Carry out the tasks on the gnomes’ path and make off with a certificate of 'gnome of the forest'.

    Or maybe you’d rather relax amid the greenery? Make your own way along the 36 km of walking tracks. Half of these tracks are surfaced, so you can easily get into the woods with a wheelchair or pushchair. And if you have a valid fishing permit, you can cast a line from the banks of one of the three fishing lakes.

    You’ll find the answer to all your questions about woods and trees at the forest information centre. Go looking for answers in the ‘explanation’ room, visit the permanent and temporary displays, ask at the information desk or watch a multimedia presentation.
    The arboretum is internationally renowned for its genera of Magnolia, Viburnum, Rhododendron and Camellia. The overall collection features over 8 000 species and varieties of trees, bushes and shrubs. Visit the reception pavilion and find out everything there is to know about the way arboretums work in general and the one at Het Leen in particular.

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    RIDDER DESSAINLAAN 65, 2800 Mechelen

    The alleys and ponds of this park are very impressive and its rose gardens rank among the most beautiful in Belgium and even in Europe. The dahlia and fuchsia collections are a masterly example of horticulture.

    Sportsmen can really enjoy themselves on the tennis courts. Also: a cafe and a playground for the children.