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    Frederik de Merodestraat 2a, 2800 Mechelen

    Musea & Erfgoed Mechelen is building a new town museum in Burgundian City Palace Hof van Busleyden. The museum is opening its doors in 2018, but the building is partially accessible already for temporary exhibitions.

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    Leuvensesteenweg 582, 2812 Mechelen
    Planckendael brings you closer to the animals!Come to Planckendael and explore the continents in one day. Europe features its typical bill-clattering storks, and baby elephant Qiyo, little sister to Kai-Mook, will conquer your heart with her whole family in Asia. Here, you can even feed the colourful lori-parrots yourself! Or pay a visit to little rhino Qabid. See how the giraffes, antelopes, and ratites live together in the African savanna. The lemurs welcome you to their veranda, close to the black and ring-tailed lemurs. Enchanting! Walk along the promenade next to the penguins in America, and enjoy the fragrant eucalyptus in Australia where the koalas live. This world offers you more than a single day packed with pleasure, and is less than 20 minutes from Brussels.Planckendael brings you closer to the animals.www.planckendael.be/enCheck our day programme and the excitement of our feeding times at www.planckendael.be.Visit Planckendael with a B-daytrip to Mechelen Station and hop on our complementary Shuttle service, which drops you right in front of our entrance.
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    Technologielaan ZN, 2800 Mechelen

    At Technopolis there is a new scientific adventure around every corner. One minute you're cycling in the air and the next you're standing in a huge soap bubble or taking a nap on a nail bed. And the minute you've recovered from one adventure, you're already off to the next, such as putting a plane safely to the ground, while you still hear the scratch sounds you just made as a DJ.

    Are you in for a pinch of new technologies? Paraglide in virtual reality or climb to the top using augmented reality. For the real adventurers there now is the Mendeleev game! Along with a second gamer, you look for chemical elements in everyday objects. But not just anywhere, you do so in space.

    Feast your eyes during on one of our spectacular science shows and demos that will make your hair stand up straight. Literally! Do you want to perform experiments like a real lab technician or a creative DIY-er? One address: the Lab and Workshop!

    Discovering, experimenting, exploring: anything goes at Technopolis! There is only one golden rule: you must try everything yourself at least once! That's how you make the best discoveries and how you'll learn about science and technology without even realising it.

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    Vleeshouwersstraat 6, 2800 Mechelen

    Did you know that Mechelen played an important political and economic role in the Burgundian period? Many historical buildings bear witness to this. Hold on, because the list is long: the Sint-Romboutskathedraal, the former palaces of Margaret of Austria and Margaret of York, the paleis van de Grote Raad, … So don't hesitate and follow the guide through 16th-century Mechelen.

    Length: one hours

    01 March – 31 October : weekends and public holidays at 14.00 hrs
    Summer holidays: Wednesday at 14.00 hrs


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    Bukenberg 45, 2491 Olmen (Balen)

    Perfect for an adventurous animal filled day out !

    Thanks to its wild natural character both humans and animals feel at home here. The Tropics Hall, The Savannah (about 2ha) and the walk-in aviary are 'musts' for nature lovers! As well as the white tiger and the white lion you will see lots of other animals : all kinds of cats, apes, white wolves, reptiles, spiders, zebras, exotic birds, ...
    The childrens farm, the playground, the bouncy castles, plus the summer show make your visit a true play paradise!

    Extras: Museum - self-service restaurant - Events: Halloween, Dreamnight at the zoo ...

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    Koningin Astridplein 20-26, 2018 Antwerp
    Antwerp ZOO brings you closer to the animals!In the summer of 2017, brand new areas of Antwerp ZOO will open. The great apes will enjoy their new outdoors enclosures, where gorillas and chimpanzees can play and romp about in the rainforest, and the famous okapis will get their new conservatory. We offer a warm welcome in the new Flamingo square with its historic architecture. The spectacular panoramic view from the new restaurant shows you the new savanna with buffaloes and 250 birds, and the new lookout across the giraffes and zebras will complete your savanna experience from June 2017. But don’t forget to include a visit to the koalas, the reef aquarium, the butterfly garden, and the Skywalk, which includes a view of the red pandas in your visit. 80% of the animals in Antwerp ZOO are also visible in bad weather.Antwerp ZOO brings you closer to the animals.www.ZOOantwerpen.be/enCheck our day programme, and the excitement of our feeding times, at www.zooantwerpen.be.
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    17de Esc. Lichtvliegwezenlaan 14, 2490 Balen

    Recreation park with many facilities for all ages: open air swimming pools, playground, miniature golf, trampolines, bicycle hire, all in- and outdoor sports accommodation, aeroclub, campground, wooded area with interesting cycling and walking routes, children's farm.

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    Nekkerspoelstraat 21, 2800 Mechelen

    An Aladdin’s cave of toys and games for the young and young-at-heart. 7,000m2 of dolls, cuddly toys, tin soldiers, trains; old, new, traditional, educational, computer games – children love it, adults will be taken back to their childhood.

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    E. Verhaerenstraat 71, 2890 Sint-Amands

    This museum provides an overview of the work of the famous Flemish writer and poet who wrote in French in the 1900s: Emile Verhaeren.

    Manuscript, bibliophile editions, but also works of art are on display: Van Rysselberghe, Spilliaert, Meunier, Redon, Khnopff… The museum is arranged in an attractive, modern layout with different display boards. In addition to the permanent exhibition it also organises temporary theme exhibitions. There is a video presentation and educational support for schools.

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    Markt 1, 2440 Geel

    Geel "town of mercy" will enthral you: by its past as well as by its present.

    Walk through the town and get to know the monuments and picturesque places. The St.-Dimpna Church, the Hospital Museum St.-Dimpna, the St.-Amands Church and the old Town Hall will show you the history of Geel.

    Relax in the park at the heart of the town.

    The cosy market square with its statue and many pubs invite you to quench your thirst after a walk through the many shopping streets.

    Also outside the centre, the town of Geel has a lot to offer: the bakery museum, the mill " 't Veld", the mill of Larum, the lamp museum, the clock museum, various nature reserves,...

    Active recreation: St.-Dimpna route (bicycle route)