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    Museumkwartier (Vrijthof) 2, 3700 Tongeren

    Wealth and prestige
    Tongeren is fascinating with its religious and precious past. The Basilica of Our Lady houses one of the largest and richest church treasures in the Low Countries. Various reliquaries, silver and gold objects, Medieval graduals and the rare relic pouches are exceptional items.

    You can rediscover this ecclesiastical treasure in the Teseum. The precious objects are the highlight of the exhibition. You will be able to find out so much about their function, meaning and use.

    A museum tour with multimediaguide is available for young and old, to discover and view these treasures at their own pace.

    Romanesque cloister - an oasis of tranquillity
    One of the most remarkable sights in Tongeren is the Romanesque cloister, part of which dates from the 12th century. It is the last remnant of the former monastery, an estate around the present-day basilica. The cloister and garden are ideal places to reflect after your visit to the treasury

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    Marktplein 5, 3550 Heusden-Zolder

    How did miners manage tot get 800m (!) below the surface, and how did they manage to breathe so far underground? Would you like to find out about how air was used tot drive machinery? Have you always wanted to know how it would feel tot step into an infinite shaft, or get disorientated in the dark? ZLDR LUCHTFABRIEK will lead you through the spectacular winding engine building!

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    Joseph Smeetslaan 280, 3630 Maasmechelen

    Mechelse Heide is one of the six entrances to the Hoge Kempen National Park. Discover the extensive nature and enjoy the fabulous faraway views, gently undulating purple heath and the impressive former gravel quarries. The Mechelse Heide dons different colours every season. Enjoy long hours of hiking fun, alone or with a ranger.

    Maasmechelen Tourism

    In addition to the extensive information on the region, Maasmechelen Tourism boasts an interactive space. An audio guide (free of charge) will provide interesting information on the development of coal mines, Meuse villages and the High Campine National Park.
    Young and old can explore the Maas region in a playful manner. (Maasmechelen Tourism, 35 Zetellaan, 3630 Maasmechelen).

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    Gouverneur Verwilghensingel 70, 3500 Hasselt

    Laughs and giggles for our youngest guests in Plopsa Indoor Hasselt! 

    Experience your very first sensations in more than 20 attractions, surprisingly hidden in this covered indoor theme park of no less than 13.000m².

    Enjoy a world of fun indoors …
    Brace yourself for a stormy boat trip on the Turbulent Sea, visit the exciting Play Tree and float around in the Wave Swinger. Our youngest guests enjoy some splendid adventures in Bumba’s Playground and jump in all directions with the Frogs.

    … and discover the vast outdoor zone!
    Now you can have even more Plopsa fun in the outdoor zone of Plopsa Indoor Hasselt. Chase the villains on the Flying Bikes, clamber to the top of the Climbing Mountain and indulge yourself to the full in the Dancing Fountains.

    Plopsa Indoor Hasselt gives you a day of laughs and giggles whatever the weather!

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    Herkenrodeabdij 4, 3511 Hasselt

    Herkenrode Abbey, or the tale of a fascinating past in a beautiful setting. The old farm buildings of Herkenrode Abbey and the surrounding 100 hectares of nature have now been developed into a beautiful estate with various facilities. Because the site is still being rebuilt, there’s always something new for you to discover.

    Herkenrode Abbey prides itself on a magnificent history which begins in 1182 in the centre of the county of Loon. In 1217 Herkenrode Abbey became the first women’s abbey of the Cistercian order in the Netherlands. The noble ladies who controlled the abbey for centuries also left their mark on the region. The abbey subsequently became a popular place of pilgrimage. Until the French Revolution, the abbey experienced alternate periods of violent decline and phenomenal prosperity. By 1796, the nuns were forced to leave their abbey. After 1820 the abbey church, the cloister and a large part of the original monastery building were either burnt down or demolished.

    The remaining farm buildings of the abbey and the roughly 100 hectares of nature around the site are now being restored and redeveloped while respecting the abbey’s former use.

    Experience 600 years of history
    Highlighting the presence of women at Herkenrode
    The experience centre focuses on the abbey’s story, with a chronological journey through the fascinating 600-year history of Herkenrode, highlighting the presence of the nuns, and the periods of prosperity and decline. Their story comes to life thanks to the audio guide, ‘In the Abbess’s own words’. Immerse yourself in the magnificent past of this women’s abbey. Experience and explore their lives!

    Be inspired bij the garden
    Learn more about the history of herbs and how people through the ages and in different cultures used and continue to use herbs today in the inspirience garden. The garden consists of a hortus officinalis or teaching garden and a campus officinalis or cottage garden. Each garden has about 250 different herbs and herbaceous plants for you to explore. A place to always go back to and relax.

    Walking and cycling in nature
    Herkenrode Abbey is situated in a beautiful nature reserve. The natural landscape is currently being gradually restored to its former seventeenth-century splendour, the abbey’s golden age. Four signposted walks leave from the site. A dozen or so beacons along the route tell you more about the (hidden) flora and fauna, and nature conservation and the abbey. Enjoy your hike!
    The abbey is also the ideal starting point for a beautiful bike ride through De Wijers, a unique nature reserve with 1,175 ponds. The bike brochures are available from the reception desk of the visitor centre.

    Shop & visitor centre
    The shop in the carriage house sells books, abbey products, fun herbal gifts and Herkenrode’s delicious abbey beer. Don’t forget to take the time to enjoy a Herkenrode Triple or a Herkenrode Brown Beer on the terrace. The visitor centre is a recognised bicycle stop making it an ideal place for a break on your bike tour around Hasselt.

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    Zetellaan 54, 3630 Maasmechelen

    Welcome to the location in Eisden that was actively used for coal mining until is closure in 1987. Nowadays you can enjoy a surprising change of the landscape, made of ‘mountains and lakes’ and heights with spectacular panoramic views. Let Connecterra surprise you with a special part of nature in Flanders.

    Put on your walking shoes and experience for yourself this unique piece of Flanders landscape. The heaps of charcoal, shale and gravel excavations have left behind a transformed landscape of ‘hills and lakes’ that really does offer the prettiest panorama in Flanders. For those more interested in culture, you can discover the 100 year old 'garden city' of Eisden by exploring the thematic heritage walk.

    Would you like to make your visit really special? Then why not go for a wander with a Ranger or download the Connecterra-app! You can choose from one of a number of scheduled events taking place or you can book a Ranger to take you and your family and friends on a tour.

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    Grote Markt z/n, 3800 Sint-Truiden

    The Trudo pass gives access to some of our exclusive monuments such as the abbey tower, the crypt, the Capuchin chapel, the Festraets studio, and in the weekend also the emperor room and academy room.  Spring will see the addition of the Guvelingen church. The Trudo pass can be purchased at the tourism office of Sint-Truiden (City Hall, Great Market Square) during opening hours.

    The Trudo pass is valid for one day, in case of a package multiple days.

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    Toegangspoort Kattevennen, Planetariumweg 19, 3600 Genk

    Kattevennen is 1 of the 6 entrances to the hoge Kempen National park. . The perfect balance between education and recreation.

    Visit the  "Cosmodrome" and enjoy a host of breathtaking audiovisual shows about the cosmos.  You can then visit the observatory accompanied by a specialist. And last, but far from least, do not forget to visit the unique planet stroll.

    Visit the Cosmodrome and explore the National Park too.

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    Stalkerweg z/n, 3690 Zutendaal

    Take your shoes off and discover a fascinating micro-cosmos

    Lieteberg in Zutendaal is the gateway to the Hoge Kempen National Park. It makes the ideal spot to come and relax, especially if you like bugs and creepy-crawlies. The creepy-crawlies you’ll find at the insect museum and you can stroll amid the colourful butterflies in the butterfly hothouse. And from De Lieteberg, you can take an outing through the beautiful countryside that makes Zutendaal the most wooded municipality in Flanders.

    Set your feet free as you make your way along the first barefoot walking track in Flanders. Experience the extraordinary tactile sensation of wood, stones, tree mulch, grass, clay and water underfoot on the monitored route that is only accessible to bare feet. Clamber up the lookout towers, walk in the footsteps of early man, get lost in the maze and enjoy the fullness of nature swinging in a couch hammock.

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    Zetellaan 54, 3630 Maasmechelen

    The one and only National Park in Flanders spreads out over Limburg districts of Dilsen-Stokkem, Zutendaal, Maasmechelen, Lanaken, Genk and As. With 5700 hectares of pure nature, the National Park guarantees days of discovery and enjoyment. You will find purple heather all around you as well as woodlands, hilltops with beautiful panoramic views, rare plants and animals. The Agency for Nature and Woodlands is responsible for the management of this natural treasure.

    Everyone is welcome to enjoy endless relaxation here: walking, cycling, horse riding... or just enjoying a moment of carefree pleasure in all the things that surround you. The best way to discover the Hoge Kempen National Park is via one of the six entrances: Lieteberg in Zutendaal, Kattevennen in Genk, Pietersheim in Lanaken, Station As in As and Mechelse Heide and Connecterra in Maasmechelen. You will find a visitors’ centre at each of these entrances along with car park, hotel and catering establishments and additional attractions. Each entrance is designed around a different theme and offers a different view of the National Park. That way, you see one National Park from six different points of view.