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    Pater Damiaanstraat 37, 3120 Tremelo

    Ontdek het nieuwe Damiaanmuseum. Een eigentijds en interactief belevingscentrum waar je het spoor volgt van onze Grootste Belg. Het museum loodst je doorheen de verschillende periodes van zijn leven en toont dat Damiaan ook vandaag een bron van inspiratie is.

    Het Damiaanmuseum is een ideale uitstap voor het hele gezin, waar je wordt ondergedompeld in een verhaal van zorg en solidariteit. Een leuke zoektocht maakt het ook voor de jongste bezoekers een topbeleving.

    Het Damiaanmuseum is ook het startpunt van een mooie natuurwandeling of fietstocht. Een prima keuze voor een (half) dagje weg, dus!

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    Kruineikestraat 5a, 3150 Tildonk

    You can read diaries, follow your troop movements, and empathise with the inhabitants of the monastery and the village during the Great War during your visit to the ‘14–‘18 Experience Centre. This fascinating exhibition has been expanded with stories from current affairs. Discover the portraits and stories of war refugees.

    It will definitely be worth your while...

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    Werkhuizenkaai 163, 1000 Brussel

    Indoor adventure park Koezio in Brussels increases the cohesion within a group!

    In the indoor adventure park Koezio (say Ko-wa-ze-o) at the shopping center Docks Bruxsel, you can now get a training as a special agent in a converted 6000 square meter space!

    For two hours, your endurance, intelligence, courage and team spirit will be challenged to complete the journey through four districts: a mysterious labyrinth, a machine room with giant modules, an escape room and finally a dizzying trail at 12 meters height. No fear: what matters is 'being together' and increasing cohesion within a group.

    Koezio is accessible for both young and old and from 2 players to .. Note: For safety reasons you must be 1 meter 40!

    Koezio has meeting rooms, a dining room and a lounge for an aperitif or meal after your mission.

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    Lotsestraat z/n, 1650 Beersel

    The moated castle of Beersel is one of the few exceptionally well-preserved examples of medieval fortifications in Belgium. It remains pretty much as it must have appeared in the late 15th century. Over the course of the centuries, this moated castle has had a very eventful history. Visitors experience at first hand what it must have felt like to live in a heavily fortified castle in medieval times.
    In 1999, the municipality of Beersel acquired the castle on lease from a national heritage foundation, the Koninklijke Vereniging der Historische Woonsteden van België (Royal Association of Historic Cities and Gardens in Belgium). The municipality aims to carry out repairs, renovations and upgrades to the castle. Since 2003 the castle has been undergoing a series of restoration campaigns.

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    Balenbergstraatje 11, 3128 Baal

    The Balenberg is a legendary place. Not only because it’s part of the annual Sven Nys Grand Prix, but mainly because the master himself dashed up and down these hills as a child. You can still see him racing around here in his free time. No wonder Sven chose the top of the hill as the location for his Cycling Center.

    It’s quite a spot! The Sven Nys Cycling Center is an excellent place to experience and to learn about off-road cycling.


    The experience center is the heart of the Sven Nys Cycling Center. You walk under championship jerseys from one historic cycling moment to another victory. Take a peek into the camper where the brothers Toon and Thijs Aerts prepare for a race. Have a go yourself at finding out how far you can cycle through the sand pit. Experience exactly what it’s like for supporters along the sidelines.

    Match the right tyre tread to the right surface. Or take a ‘mud selfie’ with Sven in our photo booth.

    The Cycling Center focuses on more than just cyclo-cross racing. The experience center pays tribute to all off-road cycling disciplines. You’ll learn all about mountain biking, cyclo-cross, trial bike, and BMX.

    You’re coming with a group? A guided tour will give your visit an extra dimension.


    The experience center explains the theory, but you should really try putting it into practice outside. Different courses, constructed against the slopes of the Balenberg, do credit to the four cycling disciplines.

    Try the famous Grand Prix Sven Nys cyclo-cross track, where Belgium’s best cyclo-crossers compete every year on New Year’s Day. A tough, single-track mountain bike course winds between the trees. Try your tricks on the BMX freestyle track or, for daredevils, on the rock garden and dirt line. And young kids can cut loose on the pump track. Sounds too challenging? It doesn’t have to be. Even without experience or lots of lung capacity, there are plenty of possibilities. And to top things off… all these courses are accessible all year round for free.

    Rent a sturdy mountain bike or a real cyclo-cross bike. Bikes are available in all shapes and sizes. Was the course muddy? The center has a bike hose-down area and changing rooms with shower stalls.

    A beautiful footpath winds through the site for those who prefer something calmer and want to enjoy the natural beauty.


    The terrace of the Café Velo looks out over the cyclo-cross track on the slopes of the Balenberg. It’s the perfect place to relax after your visit, bike ride, walk, or cyclo-cross adventure. Replenish the calories you burned with healthy dishes from the menu.


    A cyclo-cross athlete will not get into shape by just training in the field. Athletes like Sven Nys spend much of their training time on the road in order to increase their endurance levels. As it turns out, Sven lived and trained in a beautiful region - Hageland!

    Sven Nys has drawn up a 93-km road loop that takes hardy cyclists past his favourite training tracks. You’ll ride through the loveliest landscapes in Hageland, traverse pleasant villages, and discover Hageland’s vineyards. Be prepared for a few serious calf-killers. Feel free to take a break from time to time, especially when you come across all those special places of interest.


    A hilly region where wine slopes and fruit orchards colour the landscape, strewn with rural villages and surprising provincial towns. A bike ride or walk through Hageland is always a pleasant surprise.

    The Balenberg and the Sven Nys Cycling Center is literally and figuratively the high point of many walking and cycling routes. It links up with the Flemish Brabant cycling network, Sport Vlaanderen’s mountain bike track, and several walks in the area. The Balenberg is a tourist attraction for every cyclist and hiker in Hageland.

    You don’t need a racing bike or mountain bike to enjoy this lovely piece of Hageland. Discover the region via four recreational cycling circuits, each with their own accents, along the nodes of the Flemish Brabant Cycling Network. These cycling circuits take you from Leuven and Aarschot to the Balenberg.


    Are you planning on purchasing a new mountain bike or cyclo-cross bike? Good advice and an extensive test ride are very important. The Trek Test Center allows you to try out various models at the Sven Nys Cycling Center.

    The test bikes are skilfully measured and set up by Tony De Haes, the manager of the Trek Test Center. Tony used to be one of Sven Nys’ trusted mechanics during the mountain bike season, so he knows his business!

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    Kasteelstraat 40, 1750 Lennik

    Gaasbeek Castle sits enthroned amidst the rolling hills of Pajottenland just outside Brussels. The medieval castle has had an eventful history, evolving from a strategic stronghold to a spacious country house. The Count of Egmont (1522-68) was one of its most celebrated owners, but it was the eccentric Marquise Arconati Visconti (1840-1923) who set about remodeling the building in the romantic style we see today. She turned the inside of the castle into a museum to house her huge art collection, displaying it in historical stage sets. There is still something of a time machine about the dream castle she created. Visitors wander through historicizing interiors filled with tapestries, paintings, furniture, sculptures and other valuable objects.

    A visit to the castle is a feast for all the senses. We aim to give our visitors an experience that will stay with them for many years to come. Imaginative exhibitions and projects which creatively relate the historic heritage to the present day, make for ever-changing displays, while concerts and other events ensure there is always something going on here. You’ll find details of all these activities on our website.

    The castle also houses a library and an archive (both accessible by arrangement), a museum shop and a regional visitors’ centre.

    The park surrounding the castle with its ancient trees, its lakes, avenues, narrow winding paths, chapel, pavilion and other historic buildings is the perfect place to unwind. The estate also boasts a wonderful museum garden, where old varieties of fruit and vegetables are nurtured.

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    Abdijstraat 22, 1850 Grimbergen

    MIRA is the oldest and biggest Public Observatory in Belgium.

    A lot of experiments, multimedia and especially a well equipped observation platform are waiting for you! We can show you around through the night sky with a lot of big telescopes…

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    Dienst Toerisme en Erfgoed, Grote Markt 6, 3300 Tienen

    The sugar town of Tienen, situated in hilly Hageland country, has a rich history, as well as inspiring monuments and fine buildings. You can see that Tienen was a former Roman settlement by enjoying a visit to 'het Toreke' museum. The totally refurbished layout of the displays introduces you to a mystical and fascinating world dealing with the rituals about life and death in Roman times. We also show you the results of the excavations that began in 1997, uncovering the largest Roman cemetery in the Benelux. This extensive 'dig' has revealed a treasure trove of objects and finds and gives us a look at the burial rites of the Romans and what they thought about the dead and the hereafter. Guided tours can be arranged.

    Situated nearby is the Sugar Museum, which guarantees a unique and almost overwhelming experience. Take an audio-guide on the surrealistic “search for the lost taste of sugar”, which immerses you in an amazing world of fact and fiction. The whole rich and colourful world of sugar is covered on the tour: the enthralling social history of the seasonal worker, harvesting the beet and processing it into sugar, the way bees produce honey, the effect that sugar has on our body and all the possible uses that sugar can be put to. Simply not to be missed!

    The Sugar Museum will close somewhere in 2017 and will be replaced by a new visitor centre with the name Z.O.E.T. (sweet).


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    Vautierstraat 29, 1000 Brussels

    The Natural sciences Museum in Brussels, an obvious and ‘natural’ destination for the young and old alike.

    Discover not only dinosaurs but also nature, at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels.

    In the new Gallery of Humankind, you’ll learn everything about the evolution of humankind and how our body functions, through fossils and 3D reconstructions.

    Also on offer in the Museum is the biggest Dinosaur Gallery in Europe (over 3000m2), where you will find the famous Bernissart Iguanodons: thirty fossilized skeletons that were discovered in a mine 322 meters (over 1056 ft) underground!  Why not tremble in front of the impressive T. Rex, watch the death of an Olorotitan, come face to face with a virtual Pachycephalosaurus or listen to the cry of a Parasaurolophus?

    Also on offer in the Museum, the Mosasaur Room where you can dive with gigantic sea lizards from the Cretaceous period, the Gallery of Evolution where you can go back in time by studying the 1000+ specimens,  and you can also embark on an urban safari in BiodiverCITY, discover 250 years of the history of Natural Sciences through 14 symbolic objects (including the Ishango stick, the Lierre mammoth and the Belgica research boat), be dazzled by the glittering crystals and rocks in the Mineral Room and much, much more !

    But that’s not all! On top of the permanent rooms you can visit each year a new temporary exhibition. For the moment, and this until the end of August 2020, you can explore Antarctica as if you were there! Thanks to the magnificent images, filmed by the director of ‘March of the Penguins’, the exhibition Antarctica presents the extraordinary, but fragile, land and marine biodiversity of the white continent.

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    Bloso-domein Hofstade, Tervuursesteenweg -, 1981 Hofstade (Zemst)

    Have the time of your live in the Sportimonium, play and sports!  If you want to know how great your physical condition is in ‘measure yourself against the athletes’ and compare your condition with top athletes. Experience  traditional sport in the folk sports garden and jump into the sports history in the Olympic recognized Sports museum.