Welcome to the new Zwin, the international bird airport

Looking to catch a refreshing sea breeze? Out to enjoy one of the last coastal stretches of unspoilt natural beauty? Or just gearing up for the walk of a lifetime? Then prepare to descend on the Zwin. Its luxuriant vegetation provides a permanent natural habitat or temporary breeding grounds for rare bird species which can be observed only here.

The Zwin is a magnificent nature park on the border between Belgium
and the Netherlands. At high tide the mudflats and salt marshes are
entirely or partially flooded by the sea, which is what makes this
intertidal area so unique. In this manner a very special biotope for
numerous birds and plants is created. Thousands of birds come to the
Zwin every year to breed, hibernate or look for food.

The Zwin is also a dream for plant lovers. Numerous unique plants feel
right at home in this nature park. Thanks to the permanent influence
of the salty water, the Zwin boasts certain species that can barely be
found elsewhere along the Belgian coast.

Come fly with us

The Zwin Nature Parc, the international migratory bird airport, is a unique and varied top attraction where you experience nature to the full. Experience a fascinating journey together with your migratory bird of the Zwin. In our permanent interactive exhibition, you can discover why bird migration is such an incredible adventure…Check in at the entrance to the exhibition,keep your boarding pass handy and…fly with your migratory bird! In our cabinet of curiosities or ‘wonder room’ you can browse to your heart’s content.

Experience trail for all ages

The outdoor track guides you along numerous observation points or huts.

The viewing centre as an ‘all-weather’ location

Come rain or shine, the Observation Centre enables you to observe the birds from a sheltered location and offers an impressive view of the Zwin Plain with its lagoons, mudflats, salt marshes and bird island.

Discover the Zwin Plain

If you want to walk in the Zwin plain, there are various possibilities. Bring your boots or waterproof shoes and follow the signposted routes. Or challenge yourself with the barefoot path and feel the different types of soil in this tidal area – a tingling experience.

Plan your visit today! Put on your rubber boots and don’t forget your

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Zwin Nature Park
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Welcome to the Zwin Nature Parc, the international bird airport! Discover and enjoy the Zwin nature and get to know the reserve’s fascinating world of birds and plants.

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